ISO 9001 is a standard that provides guidance to set up and manage a quality management system. Organizations can use the standard to meet or exceed customer requirements without being certified.


The standard has seven Quality Management Principles that are considered rules or beliefs that are considered to be true and can be used as a foundation for developing the quality management system and performance improvement.



  • Customer Focus

  • Leadership

  • People Involvement

  • Process Approach

  • Improvement

  • Evidence-based decision-making

  • Relationship Management


ISO 9001 uses a process approach by reviewing the interaction of the processes and evaluating the intended results with the outcome. Using the process approach with a quality management system helps:


  • Accomplish effective process performance

  • Determine how processes add value

  • Process improvement by evaluating information and data

  • Realize the importance of meeting requirements consistently


In our experience, we have seen how this quality management standard forces organizations to look at the big picture through the eyes of the customers and the employees. This increases customer satisfaction and people engagement which ultimately increases the bottom-line.