Continuous Flow (Work in progress flows through the process with minimal interruption). 

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement Process that involves employees frequently working together to identify and implement small changes).

Visual Factory (Visual controls and displays used throughout the facility to improve communication).

Takt Time (The available work time divided by the customer demand).

5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)​

              Organize the work area:

Sort   (Eliminate that which is not needed)
Set In Order (Organize remaining items)
Shine   (Clean and inspect work area)
Standardize  (Write standards for above)
Sustain   (Regularly apply the standards)

KPI (Key Performance Indicators are metrics established to monitor and encourage achievement of critical goals of an organization).

RCA (Root Cause Analysis is a problem-solving method that focuses on identifying the problem instead of working with the symptoms. Asking why five times is a way to expose the underlying problem).

Standardized Work (A documented procedure identifying specific tasks, the time and tools necessary to complete the process and the best practices).

PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)​


PLAN    (Identify the Problem and Analyze the Problem)
DO        (Develop Solutions and Implement the Solutions)
CHECK (Evaluate the results. Was the desired result                achieved)
ACT        (Standardize the solution)

VSM (Value Stream Mapping is a tool to visually map the current state, identify improvements then map the future state).