Quality Assurance


The planned and systematic activities implemented within a quality management system that provides confidence quality requirements will be fulfilled.


  • Quality Management Consulting (ISO 9001, GMP)

  • Quality Audits (Internal, Product, Process, Supplier)

  • System Organizing

  • Quality Training & Problem Solving

  • Develop Job Procedures

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Quality System Improvements

Continuous Improvement


This is a recurring activity to increase the ability to fulfill requirements and ongoing improvement of the processes, products, and services through incremental breakthrough improvements.

  • Satisfaction Surveys/Performance Reports

  • Quality Education and Training

  • Risk Assessment

  • System Analysis and Evaluation

  • Corrective Action

  • Complaints Management

  • Error Reduction

  • Eliminate Waste

Supply Chain


Supply Chain Management can be defined as how product/service originates, travels through organizations and processes, and delivers the finished product/service to the customer. 


  • Selecting Suppliers 

  • Rating System

  • Clear Communication regarding the expectations, and requirements

  • Performance (Metrics Reporting and Feedback)

  • Improvement Plans