Cost of Quality

The Cost of Quality is measuring the cost associated with meeting, or not meeting the customer product or service requirements.

Prevention Costs - costs to avoid nonconforming products or services.

Appraisal Costs - auditing, evaluating, or measuring product or services to  ensure performance requirements are met.

Failure Costs - non-conformance costs which includes internal and external cost.

Internal Failure Costs - occur before the product or service is delivered to the customer.

External Failure Costs - occur after the product or service is
delivered to the customer.​

Seven Basic Quality Tools

  • Cause-and-Effect Diagrams​​

  • Checksheets

  • Control Charts

  • Flowcharts

  • Historgrams

  • Pareto Charts

  • Scatter Diagrams

Seven New Quality Tools

  • Affinity Diagrams

  • Arrow Diagrams

  • Matrix Data Analysis

  • Process Decisions Program Charts

  • Relation Diagrams

  • Tree Diagrams