Services Information
  • Three or more employees
  • Disorganized Operation
  • Need to improve employee performance
  • Ready to increase business
  • Experiencing growth and need help with processes and procedures
  • ​Want to eliminate waste
  • Minimum $500,000 in sales
Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

We also work with individuals and companies with less than 3 employees and $500,000 in sales.

Chief Officers

We enjoy working with C-level executives because leadership, strategic planning and risk management are vital for building a quality culture in the organization. Leadership is one of the quality management principles we discuss when working with the executives.

Quality Teams

We work remotely with quality managers and the quality support staff to organize and improve the quality management system. We fill in the gaps when small projects cannot be completed with the current staff. We help with internal audits, supplier audits, quality training and short-term improvement projects.

Human Resources

We work with Human Resources teams by creating an organized system for employees to work efficiently and to improve work performance. We use job descriptions and identify each process the employee is involved with to create a system for the employee to be successful.

Sales Teams

The sales teams initiates and maintains constant communication with the customer. The sales team is responsible for listening to the customer in order to obtain the specific requirements to meet the customer's needs. We work with the sales team to create and improve their system to help eliminate miscommunication, costly mistakes and damage to the customer relationship.

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