Organizing With Quality In Mind


Organizing With Quality In Mind was created because of many years of managing quality systems and experiencing recurring errors, processing customer complaints and creating corrective actions that were not effective. During the root cause analysis investigation, there was a common thread, a DISORGANIZED WORK ENVIRONMENT. Companies had a lot of customers, but did not receive repeat business, new business, and eventually lost customers. 


This workshop is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees, and individuals. The workshops take place at chambers of commerce facilities, conference centers, business conference rooms, and on-line through webinars.

A 2015 survey of office workers revealed the top causes that effected productivity and created conflict in the organization.

During the workshop, one-hour is dedicated to work with you to organize one of your processes.


  • Bring any current procedures and documents you need help organizing

  • Bring a list of all software and tools that are used to complete your work activties

  • The procedures and documents are reviewed to make improvements

You will learn about the following:

  • How to identify processes and how to write procedures

  • Create Forms and Checklist

  • Using Cloud Storage

  • Software and Apps to help organize work activities

  • Use Microsoft Office Shapes to create flowcharts and diagrams

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard

  • LEAN Principles and Tools (Basics)