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Internal (1st Party Audits)

This type of audit is performed within an organization, and it measures the weaknesses or strengths of methods, procedures, or external standards. An internal audit assists management in determining if procedures are utilized and adequate, and to provide the early detection of a problem. Internal audits can be performed by an organizations' employees, an outside auditing agency, or audit consultant.

Our president is a PECB Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. We can perform internal audits for organizations that do not have an internal audit team, or who want someone without a vested interest in the organization. Internal audits can take from one to five days to complete based on the scope of the audit. 

Product Audit


A Product Audit examines a specific product or service to evaluate if the product or service conforms to the customer's requirements, performance standard, or specifications.

This audit is performed after the product or service is complete and has passed final inspection. This audit can also measure the quality of the product being sent to the customer, and frequently includes an evaluation of packaging and checks for proper documentation and accessories.


Process Audit


This type of audit is performed to verify the processes are working by examining the activities regarding inputs, actions taken throughout the process and the outputs within the established requirements. 


The verification of the process audit is accomplished by evaluating the methods used in the operation to measure conformance to the standards and the effectiveness of the instructions.



System Audit

System audits look at everything within the system. Such as, the processes, procedures, services, supporting groups like customer service, purchasing, receiving, shipping, quality control, and training.


Supplier audits are also called second-party audits in which a customer audits the supplier, or hires an outside organization to perform the audit. A contract is in place, and goods or services may already be delivered, or will be delivered to the customer. The outcome of the audit is extremely important because the results can influence the purchasing decisions.

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