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Training and evaluating the competence of your team is extremely important.

Through our partnership with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), we provide formalized training for:

The courses are offered on-line and can be purchased for self-study and e-Learning at a reduced cost!

The PECB training includes a training certificate and professional development or continuing education credits. Visit for more information.



Organizational Knowledge combined with understanding the ISO 9001 and AS9100 standard are key elements to make sure processes are identified and instructions are documented for the teams to follow.


Maintaining records for the training is necessary for internal, external and customer audits, performance reviews, and for cross-training. 

Our training program includes training in multiple areas, such as: 

  • Process Identification

  • Procedure Writing

  • FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) 

  • Quality Tools (Flowcharts, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Check Sheets, Pareto Charts, Affinity Diagrams, and Tree Diagrams)

  • Preparing for Audits (Supplier and External Re-certification Audits)

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