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Supply Chain

​ISO 9001 - What does it mean in the Supply Chain? 























How can you be sure that your suppliers understand what you expect from them, and are capable of providing you with a

consistent, conforming product? This informative text provides some answers to these questions and will inform you about how you can get the most out of using ISO 9001 as a supply chain tool.

  • Meet your needs and expectations 

  • Comply with applicable regulations

The requirements cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Your supplier’s top management commitment to quality

  • Its customer focus

  • Adequacy of its resources 

  • Employee competence

  • Process management (for production, service delivery and relevant administrative and support processes)

  • Quality planning

  • Product design

  • Review of incoming orders

  • Purchasing

  • Monitoring and measurement of its processes and products

  • Calibration of measuring equipment

  • Processes to resolve customer complaints

  • Corrective/preventive actions and a requirement to drive continual improvement of the QMS

Last but not least, there is a requirement for your supplier to monitor customer perceptions about the quality of the goods and services it provides.


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